"Home Museum" in Pennapiedimonte


We are in the heart of Majella National Park, in Chieti area, and Pennapiedimonte is the name of the village which was called ABRUZZI BALCONY by the Aquilan writer Ettore Moschino around 1920 thanks to its endless panoramic view reaching the Adriatic sea.

This ex-rural 2-floor house with stone façade is in the historic centre of this village secluded enough to enjoy the silence and the nature. This house, facing picturesque Ugni mountain on a side and the Adriatic on the other, has been passionately thought and furnished to enjoy a pleasant, simple, careful and sociable everyday life. Its warm and cosy furniture and the respect for the tradition embody our passion for comfortable environments and relax. In this house you can breath the love for TRADITION because this house aims at being a sort of LIVING MUSEUM where original objects from ancient Abruzzi peasant culture and present technology embrace in a perfect blend.

This house has been completely rebuilt using antique local stones and keeping its original wooden components. The structure has been left similar to its origin: you can find plaited-wire electric equipment and antique ceramic lamp holders, all surrounded by filet crochet curtains and curtains made out of original woven fabric.



On the mezzanine there is the kitchen. You can still see the traces of the past in the large fireplace and in its original fittings: antique breakfast cups, cherry wood and oak table, cherry wood and straw-bottomed chairs, sieves, copper basin, “guitar” (special wooden loom with taut thin iron threads to cut pasta), rolling pin, mortar, salt cellar, iron, coffee grinder, sew machine. Nowadays modern household appliances have made everything more practical and grant our guests pleasant moments in a unique environment taking them back to a fascinating past age. Next to the kitchen there is a little room which was used to store agricultural tools in the past. Now it has become a practical bathroom.

On the first floor there are the main bedroom and a small bedroom with antique fittings: original wrought iron beds with mother-of-pearl inlays and Art Nouveau paintings, fine cherry wood bedside tables, a capacious trunk, a wrought iron toilet table and straw-bottomed chairs. The main bedroom is enriched with a tiny balcony with wrought iron railing to witness local craft still practiced by few artisan masters. The small bedroom opens on a so-called “Romeo and Juliet” large balcony for its romantic view on Ugni mountain which you feel you can touch and caress with your hand and, on east, you can graze the gentle hilly landscape till the sea and even till Tremiti islands in frequent clear days.

This B&B is the ideal solution not to spend much and enjoy an exclusive stay in a historic estate surrounded by original early twentieth-century fittings with all modern comforts, a special service and an ambience far from common places, so that your stay is more pleasant and genuine than in a hotel. During your stay at our B&B we would like you to tune in your soul to the surrounding environment and, quoting Antonio Saccà, that “noises, inconveniences and city strains appear for what they really are: a simply waste of time.” We would not like your stay to be a stop only, but a journey which remains inside you even when you are back at home. It is not important the place you reach, but to keep it inside you, so that you never leave it, but it remains with you forever. Travelling is not going from a place to another, but moving your soul, you mind, changing, becoming a new man, still remaining yourself. Growing, that’s the meaning of the journey!


(translation by Dott.ssa Anna D'Ascanio)