The basic idea of our renovation was to save a house with an ancient popular and peasant vocation from a state or derelict or a speculative destiny with a low architectural and urban profile. A few square metres which did not deserve to be destroyed by any intervention of house building as we usually see nowadays, but saved, requalified, restored to their age-old and many-sided genius loci, adjusted in a balanced relation between cultural function and residential needs of housing and relax. And so, this house museum B&B was born, thanks to an open and farsighted vision coming from a recovery project developed around Mrs. Sonia Giangiacomo’s intuition. This project has now become a reality of extraordinary value for the weight of its building works and the quality of the furniture aiming at safeguarding the traces of the past. Taking care of the historic-artistic heritage of this house is an ideal heritage which has been followed passionately by the owners who decided for a recovery, instead of following a well-established tradition of neglect. Curtains, filet crochet, clothes, napkins, bed linen, blankets and quilts: everything has been treated with great care and attention to bring back these fabrics to bygone glories. Following this philosophy new filet crochet curtains and “tornesino” laces (typical filet crochet pattern almost disappeared) have been manufactured according to old patterns and put on each window. This is a further confirmation of the will animating this house museum. So that nothing goes missing, the landlady has learnt this workmanship from our grannies allowing, this way, to save an almost forgotten technique. According to our recovery intervention, sacks of wheat part of a legacy coming from the landlord’s maternal grandmother have been preserved and brought back to life in curtains framing windows and breakfast mats. Our interest in recovering our ancient tradition is so strong that we propose our guest to use loom-woven sheets, blankets, quilts, towels and kitchen cloths upon request. Finally our guests might also wear our grannies’ nightgowns (if the size is present). A stone walled house is already cosy in itself as shelter, but if the simple character of the stone is matched with warm durmast and cherry tree tones a refined style full of a large expressive force arises. The sense of continuity created by the stone walls is broken by the matching game among wood, curtains and furniture. The result is a house where tradition has been reinterpreted from the materials alchemy.

(translation by Dott.ssa Anna D'Ascanio)



The bedroom before renovation

after the initial work

at the end of work