The rustic becomes stylish

Traditional materials, colours and a touch of design: that’s the secret of the cosy ambience of this rustic house where you soon feel at home.

Until few years ago this typical peasant stone house was one of the many abandoned rustic houses in Abruzzi hinterland. Today it is a splendid holiday home. A young couple and their uncle Armando are the originators of this transformation. The house was in a terrible state and a series of interventions was indispensable to make it fit for habitation. For example, the old attics were to be pulled down and rebuilt, the external and internal stone masonry was to be preserved. The floors have been realized retrieving and repositioning the old “pianchette” (this is the way the original stone tiles are called), while the electric installation has been realized in imitation of the original one with plaited-wires, insulators and lamp holders. In the interiors neutral colours and natural materials are prevailing. Local materials have been used to preserve the ambience typical of local ancient houses: durmast, cherry and walnut wood and the so called Majella stone are its main ingredients. The furniture is harmonized with neutral tones to create a peaceful and relaxing ambience, as well from a visual point of view.


  Dining room caption

The dining room has been made out of a connecting area between the bathroom and the bedroom. The kitchen is placed under the stairs. In this area there is a cherry wood and durmast table, straw-bottomed chairs, a ceramic hanging lamp, old plate racks and a cabinet. Although the house has been thought for summer holidays, we decided to keep the fireplace (equipped with thermo-fireplace) which is crowned by a mantelpiece made out of original attic beams retrieved and included in the new structure. The use of local materials has been reaffirmed both by the use of stones for the floors and other fitting elements like curtains, tablecloths, carpets. This is one of the strategies used by the property to keep alive the spirit of the ancient rustic houses.




   Kitchen caption

The kitchen is communicating with the dining room and has an original linear structure. The basic design underlines the functionality of the kitchenette with hob and sink. In contrast with it, the wooden-finished top takes on the shades of the durmast of the beams, the curtains match together with the light stones of the walls and of the floors, making the insertion of the kitchen in the environment more harmonious.

Respect for the environment is also taken into high consideration and for this reason we have recyclable-waste collection, wood-fired heating system, a solar panel for production of water and a cotton plaited-wire electric equipment (compliant with regulations in force).

To enable our guests to taste the retro flavour of having breakfast in a true peasant home, we put at their disposal ancient and genuine milk and coffee cups and small cups to taste organic barley produced by local farms together with local baked goods which are exported abroad for their well-known deliciousness, but still remain a niche product because of their handmade character which allows a limited production only.




  Bathroom caption

During the renovation we generally tried to preserve the original structure of the house except for the bathroom which was not present at the time. As a matter of fact, in order to have a comfortable house, it was necessary to make over the room next to the dining room (a storeroom at the beginning) into a bathroom. This room is based on the contrast between rustic and contemporary: on one side we have stone floors and walls and raw linen curtains, while, on the other, sanitary fixtures and taps of modern design. In order to have an environment with all modern comforts, a washing machine has been put. This household appliance was unknown to local past generations which used to go to the Medieval Fountain (see picture below) to wash their clothes.




  Bedrooms caption

Upstairs there are the bedrooms. It’s a large and bright area thanks to its French windows. The bedrooms have both original ancient wrought iron beds with mother-of-pearl inlays, fine cherry wood bedside tables, trunks and wardrobes.

Carpets, pillows and blankets have all been made precious by original “tornesino” filet crochet patterns. (This ancient technique used by our grannies is almost disappeared, but it has been retrieved by the landlady, who learnt it and practiced it under our grannies’ wise and patient guidance). These laces are distributed almost everywhere to have a particularly cosy ambience.




  Balconies caption

The house is characterized by the importance given to the balcony, traditional element of this kind of houses, which is supported by two high stone squared pillars. These underwent a long and dedicated work of retrieval strongly wanted by the owners to preserve the only proof of this structure present in the village and to enable our guests to enjoy an indescribable view.





(translation by Dott.ssa Anna D'Ascanio)